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We're a Larry vs. Harry dealer!

The World's Fastest Cargo Bike, the Bullitt from Copenhagen's Larry vs. Harry, is now available at Repack.

We're really excited to be able to offer the cargo bike that changed everything. This bike is super adaptable and can be used to do a multitude of tasks. Whether you're making deliveries via bike, taking your company mobile, or just want to carry your family by bike, this thing can do it and do it well.

This is not a bakfiets. It's a race bike with a flat bed.

It's seriously lightweight

There's tons of info online about these things and what people do with them. Let's get creative!

Work Busje

Family Bikepacker

Grocery Getter

Homie Hauler

Dog is my Copilot ​​

So, stop by and let's chat Bullitt Dream Builds. What color are you picking? We'll have a demo model in shop as soon as we can.

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