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Tubeless Tuesdays

If you're still using innertubes - we'd like to change that. Running tubeless tires has tons of benefits, and technology has come a long way in the past ten years (so stop reading the comments of grumpy dudes from 2007 complaining about it).

Every Tuesday we're offering tubeless conversions for €30/wheel and 10% off all tubeless ready tires. Now you kind of have no reason not to make an inexpensive upgrade that significantly increases performance. Here's a few reasons to make the upgrade:

BETTER TRACTION & CONTROL Most tubeless ready tires are made better than a clincher. For example, softer compounds on the sidewalls. This combined with the ability to run lower tire pressure will keep the tires on the ground and have more traction and control. Basically, what the kids call, "The Supple Life" SHAVE WEIGHT Generally, you can save a few hundred grams... if that's your thing. Nerd. NO PINCH FLATS Yup

FEWER PUNCTURES The sealant (milk) will fill most small punctures we get out here in the Lowlands and you can just keep riding. No trail side mechanicals.

Any questions? Lets hear them!

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