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Summer? Almost! Here's an update

Hey folks, I figured it's time for an update from Dirtbag HQ. Bellow you can read about what the heck is happening at Repack, a run down on parts and accessories, upcoming events, shop rides and the like. Check it out!

Maybe you've heard of the parts shortage? Yeah there's no bike parts. So, it's better we talk and figure out what's needed before you show up thinking we can just turn a full service on your bike by tomorrow. Need some bike service in August? Let's talk about it sooner than later. This Rodeo Labs Podcast from this winter sums up what's happening with parts pretty dang good. Bullitt Cargo Bikes - These things are selling like crazy right now. Currently the only models available before Fall/Winter are the eBullitt equipped with Shimano Steps 6100. If you're thinking about it... Don't wait too long or we'll be be looking at 2022... King Cage - I've gotten a shipment of stainless cages. When they're gone, they'll be gone for a while. These are from Ron's new laser welder. The welds are freakin' rad and tiny and strong and I love them. Swift Industries 2021 - The spring delivery was sold out before it even got here. I doubled down on a summer drop. Hoping that the lovely needlers in Seattle can get us those bags you've been asking for before too long. Be assured, I'll let you all know via socials as soon as I've got a delivery.

Speaking of Swift stuff, the Swift Campout is a GO again this year. It'll be limited, and we're going to do our darnedest to keep everyone safe and stoked. That's in just a few weeks, 19-20 June... I'll post more info here real soon.

Shop Rides! We're working on getting these going again as well. Currently ironing out a few last details, but yeah. Road rides, Gravel Discos, and even a few hot laps on the Mountain Bike.

MTB Route at Nedereindse Berg is slowly but surely getting some much needed work. We're working on making our closest MTB trail a little more fun. New sections? New features? New budget? Yeah, buddy! But we're needing volunteers to help us dig. So, if you're keen to help dig, please send me an email. Let's get that trail in top shape!

Basically... STAY TUNED. In the meantime, keep the rubber side down and keep your drivetrains clean!

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