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Built By Bikes is now Repack Bike Shop

New name, new logo, mostly the same bike shop.

Why Repack? If you've seen the documentary Klunkerz, you probably get it. If not, here's a short answer:

When mountain biking was being "invented" by some dirtbag hippies in the coastal mountains of California, the original downhillers used old-school Schwinn cruisers with coaster brakes and balloon tires as their MTBs. They started racing down their local mountains' fire roads and after a run or two downhill, the grease in the coaster brake hubs would get so hot it would literally burn out of the hub. In order to keep riding they would have to repack their hubs with new grease. The name Repack caught on and they named their downhill race the Repack Downhill Ballooner.

The fact that the guys built up custom bikes, did their own repairs, and rode mostly on dirt, made us think that a name like Repack fit perfectly with our shop.

Repack Bike Shop is an All-Road specialist, meaning we focus on bikes that can be ridden on... all roads. mountain bikes, gravel, groad, monster cross, cyclocross, etc... But hey, we wont shy away from a pure road bike either.

So, what is new?

Our focus. We opened this shop 2 years ago to form a community for cyclists in the area. Each sport has it's cantine where folks meet pre/post match, we wanted that too. We're offering more workshops, events, and rides. We're remembering that bikes are supposed to be fun, and it's more fun with other cyclists. We still offer the DIY workspace for working on your own bikes. We still do full service repairs, we still sell Kona, KTM and the full custom line of Rebel Bikes.

Thank you to Gijs of TRLS Cycling and Design for the new logo, and Sies of C Sharp Customs for the new signs!

TL/DR:Repack is open. Come by!

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