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An end and a beginning

So, March (which seemed to be years long) has finally ended and Repack Bike Shop is moving and will no longer be in the Fietsflat in De Bilt. Where have we gone? When are we opening? It's kinda a long story, but I'll keep it short.

An end

Pieter and Chase have stopped with Repack together. Pieter will be putting his energy into his busy consultancy agency and Chase will be opening a new shop closer to home under the same name - Repack Bike Shop.

A beginning

Repack has a new location: Kerkstraat 19, Utrecht

This is where Chase will be building rad bikes, drinking good coffee and beer, and hiding from everything with a "kettingkast". Repack is located at the end of this courtyard off of the Kerkstraat. You know the Giant store on Nachtegaalstraat? - that's where the Kerkstraat is in Buiten Wittevrouwen.

Repack is now OPEN - but only via appointment (because... corona). So, mail or app or DM to get a time scheduled for a service, new bike consult/build, or parts. Unfortunately we can't be hanging out and spreading the virus around, so this is strictly business only - not the club house we're used to. Stay tuned for that Grand Opening though.

The shop is dang ol' mess! So don't worry about coming by to check it out, I need a month or so to build it up - and with the daycares closed I'm running the shop mostly in the evenings.

New stuff

Repack is selling a few new brands and we're pretty stoked about 'em Sour and  MONē

Sour Clueless

MONē La Roca

Okay, I guess that's all the vital info for now. Stay healthy out there. Ride Solo or Stay the heck home.


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